Some additional information can be found on my google scholar webpage. All the available preprints are collected on arxiv.


  • Exact enumeration of satisfiable 2-SAT formulae
    Sergey Dovgal, Élie de Panafieu, and Vlady Ravelomanana
    Preprint, August 2021
  • The birth of the strong components
    Élie de Panafieu, Sergey Dovgal, Dimbinaina Ralaivaosaona, Vonjy Rasendrahasina, and Stephan Wagner
    Preprint, September 2020
  • The birth of the contradictory component in random 2-SAT
    Sergey Dovgal
    Preprint, April 2019

Conference proceedings

  • Counting directed acyclic and elementary digraphs
    Élie de Panafieu, Sergey Dovgal
    FPSAC, 2020 as poster presentation
  • Symbolic method and directed graph enumeration
    Élie de Panafieu, Sergey Dovgal
    EUROCOMB, 2019
  • Asymptotic distribution of parameters in random maps
    Olivier Bodini, Julien Courtiel, Sergey Dovgal, Hsien-Kuei Hwang
    AofA, 2018
  • Polynomial tuning of multiparametric combinatorial samplers
    Maciej Bendkowski, Olivier Bodini, Sergey Dovgal
    ANALCO, 2018
  • Shifting the phase transition threshold for random graphs using degree constraints
    Sergey Dovgal, Vlady Ravelomanana
    LATIN, 2018


  • Tuning as convex optimisation: a polynomial tuner for
    multi-parametric combinatorial samplers

    Maciej Bendkowski, Olivier Bodini, Sergey Dovgal
    Accepted to Combinatorics, Probability and Computing, April 2021
  • Statistical properties of closed lambda-terms
    Maciej Bendkowski, Olivier Bodini, Sergey Dovgal
    Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, 2019


  • An interdisciplinary image of Analytic Combinatorics
    PhD Thesis, 2019.
    Thesis advisors: Olivier Bodini and Vlady Ravelomanana.
    Jury: Mireille Bousquet-Mélou, Éric Fusy, Andrea Sportiello, Brigitte Vallée.
    Referees: Éric Fusy, Valeriy Liskovets, Konstantinos Panagiotou.

  • Towards model selection for local log-density estimation. Fisher and Wilks-type theorems
    Master Thesis, 2016.
    Thesis advisor: Vladimir Spokoiny.