Here are some recent talk slides. Some talks go through several papers at the same time, and some talks are omitted for redundancy. This list will be updated gradually over time.

Seminar and Workshop Talks

  • On the evolution of random strings
    Survey board talk
    SPOC seminar, University of Bourgogne, 15.09.2021
  • On a greedy algorithm for non-deterministic walks with several letters
    Lattice Path Conference 2021
  • Generating functions of graphs, directed graphs and 2-SAT
    LIGM Seminar, University Gustave Eiffel
  • Multiparametric Boltzmann sampling and applications
    MOCQUA Seminar, LORIA
    LINCS, Bell Labs
  • The Symbolic Method for 2-SAT
    ALEA Days
  • The birth of the strong components
    Seminaire Combinatoire Énumérative et Algébrique, LaBRI
    Seminar Plateau de Saclay, École Polytechnique
  • Subcritical phases of random structures
    Combinatorics and Interactions Seminar, Institut Henri Poincaré
  • Polya enumeration theorem from scratch
    Survey board talk
    CALIN seminar 20.02.2018 – 20.03.2018
  • Boltzmann samplers and beyond
    Survey board talk
    Caen seminar 26.02.2019

Conference talks

  • Counting directed acyclic and elementary digraphs
    FPSAC 2020 (online poster session)
  • Symbolic method for directed graphs
    EUROCOMB 2019, Bratislava


  • An interdisciplinary image of Analytic Combinatorics
    PhD Thesis, 2019.
    Thesis advisors: Olivier Bodini and Vlady Ravelomanana.
    Jury: Mireille Bousquet-Mélou, Éric Fusy, Andrea Sportiello, Brigitte Vallée.
    Referees: Éric Fusy, Valeriy Liskovets, Konstantinos Panagiotou.

  • Towards model selection for local log-density estimation. Fisher and Wilks-type theorems
    Master Thesis, 2016.
    Thesis advisor: Vladimir Spokoiny.